HCH Summer 2023

HCH SUMMER 2023 @ 20 July - 23 July

Yes! There will be another party this summer. I know the announcement is superlate, but you know what they say.. better late than never right ?

Anyway the party will be held at Vangsta 151, Härnösand. Since the place is limited you need to send a mail to info@highcoasthack.com if you plan to come. And if you cant come you can always enter the compos remotly :)

And as before this party is children friendly!

Participation list

  1. zChris^FCWATH
  2. Menthos^NLS
  3. attle^grovdata
  4. Lukas
  5. Emil
  6. Felix
  7. swee^z13
  8. Ludde^z13
  9. Wilgot
  10. Leo
  11. Albin
  12. Elvin