HCH Summer 2022

HCH SUMMER 2022 Has Come to an End

Thank you to everyone participating in one way or another to this great event!

Now its time for recuperation until next event.

You can dowload the files here. And here are the partypics.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ DEMO COMPO ~~~~~~~~~~~~


  2nd. BBQ 4 EVER / NUKLEUS - Amiga OCS

  3rd. BarsnBeats / SMFX - Sinclair QL

  4th. HCH22 / z13 - Commodore 64

~~~~~~~~~~~~ MUSIC COMPO ~~~~~~~~~~~~

  1st. Blurp / Menthos

  2nd. U Got me burning up / adkd

~~~~~~~~~~~~ GAMES COMPO ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Windjammers - NeoGeo

  Winner: Felix

Sensible World of Soccer - Amiga

  Winner: attle

Garou: Mark of the Wolves - NeoGeo

  Winner: Emil

~~~~~~~~~~~~ GFX COMPO ~~~~~~~~~~~~

  1st. SUS / Emil

  2nd. The Bat / Menthos

  3rd. [tied place] Skull Glasses / Lucas

  3rd. [tied place] Wookie / kato

  Sölve i rummet / Ludde

  Sonic Amongus Sus / Pibos

  Bababoii / Felix

  Hej / Wilgot

  Moon / kato

See you next time!

HCH SUMMER 2022 @ 28 July - 31 July

Yes! There will be another party this summer. I know the announcement is superlate, but you know what they say.. better late than never right ?

Anyway the party will be held at Vangsta 151, Härnösand. Since the place is limited you need to send a mail to info@highcoasthack.com if you plan to come. And if you cant come you can always enter the compos remotly :)

And as before this party is children friendly!

Participation list

  1. zChris^FCWATH
  2. Menthos^NLS
  3. attle^grovdata
  4. Lukas
  5. Emil
  6. Felix
  7. swee^z13
  8. Ludde^z13
  9. Wilgot
  10. Alice
  11. Leo
  12. Albin
  13. Elvin