Past Parties

Here are past.. parties

HCH Summer 2015

The party has ended! Thank you everyone that showed up and provided a fun and enjoyable weekend with lots of old school data. Hope to see you next time! Pictures from the party can be seen here Results Demo: amiga 30 years (Amiga OCS)by nukleus c-c-compo filler (Atari STe) by vulkteamet Gfx: hch2015 (Amiga) – felix Music: phoenix v (Amiga)(mod) – Menthos starcraft (Amiga)(mod)- Felix, motgiften (C64)(sid) – Garvalf trummor (Amiga)(mod)- Emil Games

HCH Winter 2015

The party has ended! Thank you everyone that showed up and provided a fun and enjoyable weekend with lots of old school data. Hope to see you next time! Results Demo: boing ball (Amiga OCS) by nukleus Zone^13 (C64) by swee^z13 Metro-Cross: 065100 – swee 050750 – zChris 045800 – Menthos 026050- Emil 014200 – Lucas 014000 – Felix

HCH Summer 2016

The end has come. Thanks to everyone that participated in the party! See you all next HCH which will sometime in the winter! Results DEMO zombie pacman – Scoopex & Tulou (Amiga AGA / OCS) You Must Obey – Nukleus (Amiga OCS) Decree – Vulkteamet (Atari 8bit) org-asm – FCWATH (Amiga AGA) GFX Necropolis – Razorback Datapandan trippar – Frost Nukleus at HCH – Menthos FelleHCHSummer2016 – Felle

HCH Winter 2016

>>> Party’s over! Compo results are up! <<< Music compo (combined) Equal number of votes, draw! CARA - Naku^Los Pat Moritas (PVM) (sid) mod.d_stralar - Menthos^NLS Graphics, OCS 133t Am1gah p0rtal Addy - Frost Fat cat with a top hat - zChris Graphics, theme was “Xmas Monster”, max one hour, OCS Goblin - Menthos Julmys - attle Svamp - Browallia Happy Xmas from the Ski monster - zChris Graphics, 1bp cat, single line and max three minutes, OCS Frost Menthos Ludde zChris Browallia attle Intro, mixed platforms Julkort - Bure boys (Scratch, Raspberry Pi) High Coast Hack Winter 2016 X-Mas greetings - HCH union (compiled by Menthos) (Amiga, OCS) Game compo: Tanks Furry (Amiga) Menthos Eric Albin Emil

HCH Summer 2017

Results for High Coast Hack Summer 2017 -> Pouet Link <- -> Demozoo Link <- DEMO / INTRO HCH17 Group: grovdata (attle) Platform: pico-8 Cubeleus Group: Nukleus (Menthos, Browallia) Platform: Amiga OCS Norrländskt Vansinne Group: Hardkore Lamerz (Vargtask, Barbie) Platform: PC (cross-platform) FFS Group: Vulkteamet (blind_io) Platform: Atari ST GFX Drake / Menthos Genji / Lukke Clown / swee Rex / Emme My man / Felle Huset / Albin MUSIC phoenix / Menthos snow / Menos SLAM TILT - DEAMON (Amiga) Player Score Fr0s7 91,955,000 Albin 44,485,000 zChris 51,055,000 Ludde 30,280,000 Menthos 29,385,000 swee 10,000,000 attle 5,600,000 blind_io 5,212,000 Menos 4,505,000 METRO CROSS (Amiga) Player Score zChris 57150 Menos 54050 swee 44300 Felix 42800 attle 41900 Emme 37700 Menthos 37500 Ludde 19000

HCH Summer 2018

A great party is over! Thanks to all participants that made it the awesome party that it was, even though everyone almost burnt up due to the weather 🙂 Results and entries can be found here. Pictures from the party can be found here.

HCH Winter 2019

— PARTY IS OVER! — Thanks to all the participants and hope to see you again in the summer! Demo released: Mamma Mia by Menthos^NLS (Amiga OCS) Results: GFX hch2019_winter by swee^z13 (C64 PRG) mentoring elf by The Diad^Hokuto Force (C64 PRG) spaceman by LukkePuck Shared by LUDDE5 by Luz^z13 , and surgubbe by Menthos^NLS ketchup by FelleKetchup tomtenisse by EmpanEmson

HCH Summer 2019

Party is over! RESULTS are up! Thanks for all the great competition entries. See the summary on Demozoo and Pouet too! Partypics can be found HERE

HCH Summer 2021

Another fine party at a end! Here are the results. Partypics can be found here = GFX = Partypooper / Menthos Space / LukkePuck Glassbåt / attle Fisk/ Ketchup Gul man / Ludde Jorden / Emil = DEMOS = Biohazard – Nukleus – Platform: Amiga OCS DHS Not At HCH21 / DHS – Platform: Atari ST Beelicious / FCWATH – Platform: Atari ST QL demo / SMFX – Platform: Sinclair QL = GAME COMPOS =

HCH Summer 2022

HCH SUMMER 2022 Has Come to an End Thank you to everyone participating in one way or another to this great event! Now its time for recuperation until next event. You can dowload the files here. And here are the partypics. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ DEMO COMPO ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1st. CURSE OF THE HIGH COAST / DHS - Atari STe 2nd. BBQ 4 EVER / NUKLEUS - Amiga OCS 3rd. BarsnBeats / SMFX - Sinclair QL 4th.

HCH Summer 2023

HCH SUMMER 2023 @ 20 July - 23 July Yes! There will be another party this summer. I know the announcement is superlate, but you know what they say.. better late than never right ? Anyway the party will be held at Vangsta 151, Härnösand. Since the place is limited you need to send a mail to if you plan to come. And if you cant come you can always enter the compos remotly :)